IIS 7.0 ships: a trip down memory lane

After 5 years in development, IIS 7.0 is finished! Personally, it is hard to believe that it is over. I remember joining the IIS 7.0 team over 4 years ago, when the project was in its infancy, to drive the design of the web server engine. I remember getting in the room with all of … [Read more…]

Debugging IIS 7.0 Web applications remotely with Visual Studio 2008

********************************************************************** UPDATE – 4/8/2008 I've collected the various how-tos and gotchas about using Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 with IIS 7.0 applications into two detailed articles:Using Visual Studio 2005 with IIS 7.0Using Visual Studio 2008 with IIS 7.0Be sure to check them out for detailed info on working with both local and remote IIS … [Read more…]

MSDN Magazine: Extend IIS 7.0 End-to-End

In this month's launch edition of MSDN magazine, we celebrate the release of Windows Server 2008. It's been a long road and we are finally done! Of course, this celebration wouldnt be complete without a juicy article on IIS 7.0 – this time, showing off the complete extensibility of the Web server by building a … [Read more…]

IIS 7.0 Two-Level Authentication with Forms Authentication and Windows Authentication

One of the key improvements granted by the ASP.NET integration in IIS 7.0 is a unified authentication model.  Instead of the two-stage model in previous versions of IIS, where IIS executed its own authentication methods before ASP.NET processing began, in Integrated mode IIS and ASP.NET authentication modules participate in a single authentication process as equals. … [Read more…]