IconHandler 2.0: file icons in your ASP.NET applications

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Since its release, IconHandler has been a pretty popular module (on its own and with the custom DirectoryListingModule).  Today, I am releasing v2.0 of IconHandler, which contains some much-requested functionality and fixes a few issues that people have reported with the original version. (I don’t RTFM, take me to download) Here … [Read more…]

IIS 7.0 Bit-rate throttling module

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Last week, the IIS team released bit-rate throttling module to the web. As the self-proclaimed daddy of the project (I designed and wrote the initial prototype in early 2007), I am very thrilled to see it out. The new IIS media team folks have done a great job getting it production ready and … [Read more…]

Check IIS network connectivity with PortCheck v2.0

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Due to demand for the original PortCheck tool, I decided to release the updated version that I myself have been using that has a few more features to help diagnose connectivity issues. [Download PortCheck v2.0] The idea behind PortCheck was simple – help diagnose the common “page cannot be displayed” or … [Read more…]

Mike's IIS7 modules – what's coming next

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn During IIS7 development, I've written quite a few modules for IIS7 / ASP.NET.  Some of these were for various demos, others were to help out various internal and external customers, and others just because they were fun to write.  Developing for IIS7 has been lots of fun for me because you … [Read more…]

IIS Authentication plugin for the WordPress PHP blogging engine

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Download: iisauth_wordpress_v1.zip This weekend, I was working on an MSDN magazine article and as part of putting together a demo happened to install PHP’s WordPress blog app on IIS7.  Of course, I used the latest FastCGI bits available in the box in in Windows Server 2008 Beta 3, and the latest Windows-optimized … [Read more…]

IISSCHEMA.EXE – A tool to register IIS7 configuration sections

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Download: iisschema.zip A very cool aspect of IIS7’s end-to-end extensibility is the ability to define your own configuration sections for your custom web server modules and handlers, that reside in the standard IIS configuration files side by side with IIS configuration.  These configuration sections can then be read/written with all the standard … [Read more…]

Redirect requests to your application with the HttpRedirection module

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Download: HttpRedirection_v1_source.zip The HttpRedirection module allows you to configure regular expression-based rules that redirect clients from url A to url B using http redirection. When clients make a request to your server, and the url matches one of the redirection rules you have configured, the server will respond with a redirection response, … [Read more…]

Redirect clients in your application with HttpRedirection module

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Download: HttpRedirection_v1_sampleapp.zip In a web application, it’s often necessary to redirect clients requesting one url to another url.  Here are some reasons why your application may need to do it: ·         A part of your site should only be accessed over HTTPS to protect private data, so you want to redirect requests … [Read more…]

WCAT 6.3 web performance and scalability test tool released

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Download: wcat.doc The NT Performance team just publically released the latest version of WCAT (Web Capacity Analysis Tool), the web performance test tool that the IIS team and NT Performance team use to conduct internal performance and scalability testing of IIS and ASP.NET. ****************************** UPDATE 1/24/2008: Updated WCAT 6.3 build is available … [Read more…]

Get nice looking directory listings for your IIS website with DirectoryListingModule

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn *************************************************(NEW) Update – 2/1/09:Clarified installation instructions (see post).Fixed bugs: – Occasional icons missing / icons missing during heavy load due to MTA problems with SHGetFileInfo (http://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/ViewFeedback.aspx?FeedbackID=337530) – Directory listing template has broken icons in some configurations *************************************************Update – 4/26/08:IconHandler 2.0 released. Use IconHandler to build your own directory listing, or any other app that needs file … [Read more…]