Come build awesome web technology at LeanServer!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn We are hiring! Come help us build Sentinel, our expert application analytics and diagnosis service for .NET apps in the cloud – and our other cutting edge web products. ————————————– NO RECRUITERS PLEASE.  If you are a recruiter, please don’t contact us.  We are not looking to work with a recruiter … [Read more…]

Sentinel demo at Philly Tech Meetup tonight!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn We are coming to Philly Tech Meetup tonight to present Sentinel, which is one week away from the start of our first public beta! Its been a crazy few weeks getting everything ready for primetime, and we've accomplished a tremendous amount – getting Sentinel into the cloud, automatic installation and update … [Read more…]

Join the beta! Explore, analyze, and instantly diagnose your production ASP.NET applications.

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The Sentinel beta registration is now open! If you are developing, hosting, or maintaining an ASP.NET web application on the Windows Server / IIS 7.0 platform, you’ll definitely want to check it out. The beta will for the first time make available our instant diagnosis features, which help identify the root … [Read more…]

New and the LeanServer Lab

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Since inception, LeanServer’s vision has been to unlock the performance potential of the Microsoft web platform for large scale ASP.NET and IIS applications. We are good at what we do.  Since two years ago, we’ve worked with some of the largest web sites in the world to create efficient application infrastructures … [Read more…]

Join us to build an awesome web interface for our cutting edge products

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Are you a front-end / JavaScript master?   Are you in the Philadelphia area? Do you want to design and build awesome web interfaces that bring our products to life?   For more info, check out our stack overflow post.  We are looking for someone who can start immediately as we have … [Read more…]

LeanServer needs an amazing technical evangelist

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn LeanServer has been up to a lot this past year (also making it harder to blog).  We've built some exciting scalability tech for clients, released our first product, and have several more exciting things in the pipeline. Now, we need to take things to the next level – by getting the … [Read more…]

Reliably uploading very large files with the Reliable Transfer Client

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Its been a few months since the release of LeanServer ScaleUP, a high-performance upload engine for ASP.NET and other IIS 7.0 applications on the Windows Server 2008 platform. One of the things that has been interesting is how many people have trouble with uploads – and how varied their challenges really … [Read more…]

Brief History of Web Uploads

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The upload support in the Microsoft web platform has come quite a long way since the early days of IIS. Unfortunately, a number of remaining limitations have made it difficult to offer a quality upload experience, especially for high-traffic sites. As more and more websites rely on user generated content, and … [Read more…]

Help LeanServer grow – become a part of our expert developer team

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn In the last 6 months, LeanServer has deployed several high performance web technologies with some of the biggest names in the web.  It’s been a very intense ride, but totally worth it when seeing the impact we can have in a large-scale web environment – and the grins on the faces … [Read more…]

LeanServer needs a rockstar .NET Developer in the Philadelphia area

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Things have been pretty hectic.  Although I haven't blogged about this much, I've been working on LeanServer, a new company I started last year.  LeanServer is a technical expert in scalability and performance for very large web sites, with multiple technologies and tools aimed at making these sites scale and significantly reduce … [Read more…]