FastCGI for IIS 6.0 is released on Download Center

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Just over a year after the we first announced the FastCGI (see the first ever blog post about it:, the final RTM version is here! You can download directly from Lets see what it took to get here: 0) Sept 2006:        We first present the upcoming PHP collaboration efforts … [Read more…]

IIS FastCGI and PHP: What you absolutely need to know to host PHP applications on IIS 6 and IIS 7

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn *************************UPDATE: NOV 12, 2007: FastCGI RTM for IIS 6.0 / Windows Server 2003 is released on download center.************************* Everybody knows that IIS FastCGI is a great way to run PHP applications on IIS. So, if you are looking to give FastCGI a try, where should you start? The good news is … [Read more…]

Deploy your PHP applications today with the IIS 6 FastCGI Go-Live release!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn At last, the IIS FastCGI Go-Live release is here!  This release enables you to begin hosting PHP applications in production on your existing IIS 6.0 servers immediately, and brings multiple fixes and performance improvements over the previously released Technical Preview 2. Download it here: There are also several new articles … [Read more…]

The latest on the FastCGI project and PHP support on IIS

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Ever since the original release of FastCGI Tech Preview 1, and the Microsoft/Zend collaboration announcement to bring production-quality PHP to IIS, the FastCGI project has been steadily gaining momentum in the community.   With the release of Longhorn Server Beta 3, a number of hosters are beginning to offer FastCGI-powered PHP support … [Read more…]

10 steps to get Ruby on Rails running on Windows with IIS FastCGI

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Since the original tech preview release of FastCGI last year, we've been seeing a lot of requests for getting Ruby on Rails running with our FastCGI.  Theoretically, since the FastCGI component uses a standard protocol to support FastCGI-enabled applications, this shouldnt be an issue – but, in practice, this is very … [Read more…]

At last, Windows-optimized PHP 5.2.1 has been released!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The much-anticipated PHP 5.2.1 has just been released, and is available for download from This release contains many fixes Zend has contributed to improve the performance of the PHP scripting engine on Windows as part of our collaboration effort to make PHP rock on Windows / IIS.  This comes almost … [Read more…]

Turbo-charge your PHP applications with IIS FastCGI Technical Preview 2

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn After 3 months of community feedback and development, the FastCGI Techical Preview 2 has just been released!  Before I jump into the juicy details, I want to thank everyone who has tried out the original release, and given us bug and feature feedback on the FastCGI forums.  This has been incredibly … [Read more…]

Try out the IIS FastCGI techical preview

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn As you know, we released the FastCGI technical preview this week, aimed at providing a fast and stable platform for running FastCGI applications like PHP.  Its been very popular, with more downloads then we have expected for the first week. I wanted to say thank you to everyone trying this out.  … [Read more…]

Making PHP rock on Windows/IIS

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn ********************UPDATE – 10/30/2006: We have just released the FastCGI Technical Preview for IIS 5.x / IIS 6 / IIS 7.  Read more on my blog post,  and go get it from  More blog coverage also on Bill's blog. ********************UPDATE – 12/31/2006: We have just released the FastCGI Technical Preview 2 for IIS 5.x … [Read more…]