Remove zombie websites from your IIS server

Zombie websites get created whenever the root application of a website is removed, orphaning the rest of the application content in your website. Because IIS requires the root of the website to be an application, this effectively renders the website inaccessible: It cannot serve requests It does not show up in InetMgr It will likely … [Read more…]

Blogging again!

After a long pause in writing on this blog, I am excited to be back. Its been a very crazy time at LeanServer, where we’ve been working on a number of high-scalability projects for the Windows web platform with some big companies including, the orchard, Microsoft, and so on. However, perhaps the biggest thing … [Read more…]

MSDN Magazine: Extend IIS 7.0 End-to-End

In this month’s launch edition of MSDN magazine, we celebrate the release of Windows Server 2008. It’s been a long road and we are finally done! Of course, this celebration wouldnt be complete without a juicy article on IIS 7.0 – this time, showing off the complete extensibility of the Web server by building a … [Read more…]