FastCGI for IIS 6.0 is released on Download Center

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Just over a year after the we first announced the FastCGI (see the first ever blog post about it:, the final RTM version is here! You can download directly from Lets see what it took to get here: 0) Sept 2006:        We first present the upcoming PHP collaboration efforts … [Read more…]

IIS7 Integrated mode: Request is not available in this context exception in Application_Start

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The “Request is not available in this context” exception is one of the more common errors you may receive on when moving ASP.NET applications to Integrated mode on IIS 7.0.  This exception happens in your implementation of the Application_Start method in the global.asax file if you attempt to access the HttpContext … [Read more…]

Finding your way around IIS 7 configuration sections with AppCmd

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The IIS 7 configuration system contains 50+ configuration sections (100+ if you count .NET Framework configuration), 477 attributes, and 57 collections.  This can make it pretty challenging to figure out exactly what IIS 7 configuration section needs to be used to turn on some particular behavior, and then exactly syntax the configuration … [Read more…]