Its been a few months since the release of LeanServer ScaleUP, a high-performance upload engine for ASP.NET and other IIS 7.0 applications on the Windows Server 2008 platform.

One of the things that has been interesting is how many people have trouble with uploads - and how varied their challenges really are. While we initially built ScaleUP to improve upload scalability for high-traffic environments like MySpace, it soon became fairly obvious that uploads pose many other challenges - and not all of them on the server.

Today, LeanServer announces the release of Reliable Transfer Client, a cross-browser plugin that takes the web upload experience to the next level, by addressing the modern client-side upload challenges.

The Reliable Transfer Client accomplishes two major goals that have consistently impeded the upload of large files on the web (e.g. HD video):

1. Eliminate the browser upload size limits (2Gb for most browsers, and much smaller for most existing flash uploaders), allowing the upload of 5Gb,10Gb, 20Gb, or larger files.

2. Provide a highly-reliable upload experience, despite common upload errors that often cause broken uploads for larger files: client connectivity loss, closed browser, or intermittent server errors.

Both of these goals go hand in hand, since larger uploads often take a much longer time and have a higher risk of failure sometime during the upload process.