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Formerly the core server PM for IIS 7.0 and ASP.NET, now I run LeanSentry.
UPDATES: New troubleshooting guide released! Fix IIS website hangs →

Upgrading to Azure 1.7 SDK: Visual Studio build and publishing problems

We recently went through upgrading www.leansentry.com to the Windows Azure SDK version 1.7, and definitely hit a fair share of problems with building and publishing afterwards.  It was a somewhat painful process taking me deep into the night, and I figured I'll share some of the things I learned along the way to make it easier for others.

Here are the issues and what we had to do to fix them:


Configure IIS websites on Windows Azure with startup tasks and AppCmd

At LeanSentry, we use Windows Azure heavily to scale out our extensive data collection and diagnostic data processing.   Just like anyone else, we have our fair share of difficulties with deploying and configuring our web roles, esp. when it comes to more advanced configuration.  As a result, we often rely on startup tasks to configure IIS and other windows server components to do stuff we need.

Here are some tips and a tool we use to make these tasks much easier.  Read More...