Uploads have always historically been a major pain point for web applications, due to poor performance, spotty reliability, and framework-specific limitations. As more and more websites rely on social networking, user generated content, and in general storing data in the cloud, the ability to support reliable and scalable uploads is rapidly becoming more critical than ever.

After working with many clients to help solve these problems, LeanServer is announcing ScaleUP - a breakthrough web upload solution for the Microsoft IIS platform that finally enables fast, reliable, and super-scalable HTTP uploads to any web application.

Making uploads work

We designed ScaleUP to power uploads in some of the largest web sites in the world – such as myspace.com’s media farm that handles over 25M photo, song, and video uploads a day – while significantly reducing server costs.

ScaleUP is unique in that it is able to fundamentally replace the platform’s upload process, enabling upload reliability and scalability characteristics that existing upload managers simply could not attain.

As a result, ScaleUP allows any existing ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, or other IIS 7.0 compatible application to achieve:

  • Up to 20x faster upload speeds [1]
  • Reliable uploads of unlimited size (4Gb+)
  • Reduced application impact (no thread starvation, lower disk usage, etc)
  • Scaling to THOUSANDS of active uploads on a single server
  • Full support for streaming, filtering, server-side progress reporting, and other common upload features [1]
  • Transparent support for ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and any other IIS 7.0-compatible application (regardless of framework upload limitations)

To make this happen, we had to fundamentally redesign the platform’s upload process, leveraging the IIS 7.0 low level extensibility layer to handle request uploads with our own high-performance upload engine.