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Upgrading to Azure 1.7 SDK: Visual Studio build and publishing problems

We recently went through upgrading www.leansentry.com to the Windows Azure SDK version 1.7, and definitely hit a fair share of problems with building and publishing afterwards.  It was a somewhat painful process taking me deep into the night, and I figured I'll share some of the things I learned along the way to make it easier for others.

Here are the issues and what we had to do to fix them:


Using Visual Studio 2005 with IIS 7.0

I've blogged quite a bit about using Visual Studio to develop and debug IIS 7.0 applications in the past. A few weeks back, I put together a detailed article about using Visual Studio 2008 to work with IIS 7.0 applications, collecting all the various how-to and gotchas in one place.

Now, you can find the same information for Visual Studio 2005, in a new article titled Using Visual Studio 2005 with IIS 7.0.

The article talks about:

- Installing necessary IIS 7.0 components on your Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 server to be used with Visual Studio 2005.

- Using the different Visual Studio web application project models with IIS 7.0 applications

- Connecting to remote IIS 7.0 applications

- Debugging local and remote IIS 7.0 applications

Visual Studio 2008 fixes a number of issues that affect Visual Studio when working with IIS 7.0, making it easier to go about your work. You can find the same level of detail on using VS 2008 in my other article,  Using Visual Studio 2008 with IIS 7.0.

Just for reference, here are some of the Visual Studio related posts I've done in the past that are all included (to various degrees) in the article:

Using Visual Studio 2005 with IIS 7.0
Using Visual Studio 2008 with IIS 7.0
Debugging IIS 7.0 Web applications remotely with Visual Studio 2008
Fix problems with Visual Studio F5 debugging of ASP.NET applications on IIS7 Vista

As always, if you hit any issues, let me know by leaving a comment.