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Formerly the core server PM for IIS 7.0 and ASP.NET, now I run LeanSentry.
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Infographic: Debugger vs. Profiler? Fixing slow ASP.NET page loads

We put together a fun infographic to compare using the debugger vs. a profiler for troubleshooting slow page loads in ASP.NET apps. This coincides with our recent release of LeanSentry's slow operation tracking, which provides an lighter (and more informative) alternative to either.

Here it is:

Profiler vs. Debugger? Best way to debug slow ASP.NET page loads

What do you use currently? Do you agree with our take? Leave comments.

Everything you ever wanted to know about ASP.NET request queues

LeanSentry detects ASP.NET queueing when diagnosing an IIS/ASP.NET hang

Did you know there are 5 places where ASP.NET requests can become queued on an IIS server?

Not all these queues are documented, and it can be very difficult to tell when and where requests are queued.

Last month, I had to dig up all my notes on the IIS and ASP.NET queues for LeanSentry's hang diagnostics. So, I figured we should share all the gory details for public benefit.

Check it out to learn all about these queues, and see how to identify the exact requests that are actually queued! Read the entire post on LeanSentry's blog.