LeanServer needs a rockstar .NET Developer in the Philadelphia area

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Things have been pretty hectic.  Although I haven't blogged about this much, I've been working on LeanServer, a new company I started last year.  LeanServer is a technical expert in scalability and performance for very large web sites, with multiple technologies and tools aimed at making these sites scale and significantly reduce … [Read more…]

Troubleshooting performance counter problems with PerfMon and a debugger

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Performance counters are a wonderful tool when it comes to quickly assessing system health and performance of Windows subsystems.  In addition to learning much about the operation of Microsoft products, exposing performance counters from your own code can be extremely valuable for the very same reasons.  We do this a lot … [Read more…]

Workaround for using IIS 7 url authorization with ASP.NET roles

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn When using the IIS 7.0 Integrated pipeline, you gain access to a ton of cool scenarios where IIS and ASP.NET features work together to provide value for your application – regardless of the application content. Most of these features involve using ASP.NET features (e.g.Forms Authentication) to provide their services for non-ASP.NET … [Read more…]

Analyzing server power consumption and costs

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Server power consumption is rapidly becoming a hot topic in the IT industry.  For many data centers, the cost of powering servers has become a top budget item.  In fact, in 2008, the average cost of power used by a server exceeded its purchase price (1). Nationally, the EPA estimated data … [Read more…]

IIS 7.0 Url Rewriter gotchas when importing mod_rewrite rules

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn One of the best things to happen to IIS 7.0 recently is the release of Url Rewriter, the IIS 7.0 url rewriting equivalent to Apache's mod_rewrite. To ease the process of migrating Apache apps (notably PHP applications that rely on mod_rewrite rules for SEF / friendly urls), the Url Rewriter IIS … [Read more…]

IIS 7.0 Forms Authentication and Embedded Media Players

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn One of the useful benefits of IIS 7.0 and the ASP.NET Integrated mode is the ability to protect all content using ASP.NET Forms Authentication.  In the past, people would often protect the application pages themselves, and leave images and media content open for public access.  It wasn’t easy to extend the … [Read more…]

When to restart IIS when making changes to your application

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Knowing when to restart IIS to pick up various types of changes to your application has traditionally been a challenge. IIS and ASP.NET are both stateful software systems, which heavily rely on cached state that is loaded once to provide high performance.  They also recognize the downside of being stateful – … [Read more…]

Leverage the Top 10 Performance Improvements in IIS 7.0

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn This month, TechNet Magazine published my article about the top IIS 7.0 features you can use to unlock the performance potential of your web server.  You can read it at Top 10 Performance Improvements in IIS 7.0. IIS 7.0 improves on the already solid performance of its predecessor in quite a … [Read more…]

Trace IIS 7.0 Errors Like a Pro with Failed Request Tracing

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn When you are working with the web server, dealing with errors is a fact of life.  They creep in when applications change, when you deploy to a new server, make configuration changes, or add new functionality. The IIS 7.0 philosophy with respect to errors is that an error is better than … [Read more…]