IconHandler 2.0: file icons in your ASP.NET applications

Since its release, IconHandler has been a pretty popular module (on its own and with the custom DirectoryListingModule).  Today, I am releasing v2.0 of IconHandler, which contains some much-requested functionality and fixes a few issues that people have reported with the original version. (I don’t RTFM, take me to download) Here are the notable changes … [Read more…]

Mvolo.com moves again

Ever since I started blogging about IIS 7.0, I had the plan to do it on a server that was running the actual technology I was blogging about … I deviated a little from the plan when I first stated out, making the first few posts using GoDaddy's QuickBlog. Shortly afterwards, I moved to a self-hosted IIS … [Read more…]

Creating portable ASP.NET applications that work on IIS 6.0, IIS 7.0 Classic, and IIS 7.0 Integrated modes

ASP.NET applications in IIS 7.0 Integrated mode requires configuration changes if they define custom modules or handlers. The primary changes involve moving the module and handler configuration from the ASP.NET’s <httpModules> and <httpHandlers> sections to the IIS 7.0 <modules> and <handlers> sections used by the Integrated pipeline.   However, <modules> and <handlers> are not recognized … [Read more…]