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Ever since I started blogging about IIS 7.0, I had the plan to do it on a server that was running the actual technology I was blogging about … I deviated a little from the plan when I first stated out, making the first few posts using GoDaddy's QuickBlog.

Shortly afterwards, I moved to a self-hosted IIS 7.0 IDX 1 server sitting in my roommate's garage. It was the first server on the internet to run Community Server in Integrated mode (that was a big deal to me back than, as many apps we tested were still broken in Integrated mode).

A while later, good folks at Maximum ASP offered to host my blog on one of their dedicated offerings, which was then running Windows Server 2008 RC0. I moved and never looked back – as much as I love self-hosting, having a web server in your house can be a pain. Like, for example, if the power in your area goes down for 4 days because of a snow storm. Or, when the router decides to reboot and your dynamic ip address updating agent decides to take a vacation at the same time.

Compared to that experience, a dedicated hosted server is hard to beat. You get all the access you need to the machine and none of the hassles of managing it, insuring availability, managing firewalls, etc etc. This came in handy when I set up a custom security sandbox and some performance settings that I wanted on the box. 

So, today makes another move, to a Windows Server 2008 RTM MaximumASP server. I feel funny about having stayed on RC0 for so long, but in reality it was almost identical to RTM for most intents and purposes (minus a few last minute bugs). Now, I can once again continue to claim that I am using the same latest and greatest tech that I write about.

If you notice any availability issues, just stay tuned (and run ipconfig /flushdns) as the DNS records update.



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