Its been a big month for LeanSentry!  We've been releasing new features every week, including several big ones that really make supporting and troubleshooting IIS/ASP.NET apps way easier.

There is still a lot to do, but we've been slowly making good on our promise to make every LeanSentry user an expert on the Microsoft web stack.  The reception has been great, and our investment in talking directly to LeanSentry users definitely paid off (yes, you can chat with us on anytime).

Here are some of the big things that came out this month:

1. Smart alerts.  This has been over a year in the making: smart alerts that automatically determine when something is important enough to email you about, and automatically diagnose root causes of problems.   All you have to do is tell LeanSentry which servers/urls/errors/etc are important, and it then automatically determines when something is worth your attention vs. allowing you to discover it on your own via the dashboard. Read more

2. Highlighting important errors.  LeanSentry now automatically highlights important errors, in a daily email as well as the dashboard, to help you select the most relevant errors to focus on.  This is really helpful in apps that have a ton of errors, and lets you zero in on new, abormal, and high impact errors first. Read more

3. New server dashboard, resource overload diagnostics, ASP Classic support, multiple accounts, and more.  Too much to write about here, but definitely lots of great features that make daily monitoring and troubleshooting of windows server apps even better.

We are releasing new features almost weekly, so if you havent tried LeanSentry yet, do yourself a favor and set it up to save yourself a ton of time :)

For more, see our post on the LeanSentry blog!