In this month's launch edition of MSDN magazine, we celebrate the release of Windows Server 2008. It's been a long road and we are finally done!

Of course, this celebration wouldnt be complete without a juicy article on IIS 7.0 - this time, showing off the complete extensibility of the Web server by building a full-blown Web server feature with configuration and IIS Manager components.

IIS 7.0 extensibility in MSDN Magazine Launch edition

The feature in question is the Response Modification Framework, a sample project I put together to show off IIS 7.0 extensibility and also provide an extensible platform for modiying IIS 7.0 responses on the fly.  The RMF is a great way for app owners to touch up or inject various functionality into their applications without the need to modify the application itself.  It has a number of cool uses, a few of which are shown in the article.

So, go and read about IIS 7.0's end-to-end extensibility in Build Web Server Solutions with End-To-End Extensibility.

Then, go check out the Response Modification Framework and download the sample application.