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Formerly the core server PM for IIS 7.0 and ASP.NET, now I run LeanSentry.
UPDATES: New troubleshooting guide released! Fix IIS website hangs →

Let’s fix production troubleshooting

Let's fix web app troubleshooting with LeanSentry

Production troubleshooting sucks.

I know, I've been doing it for years. Even though I am good at it, I can safely admit I don't love it.

This should not be a surprise. I would much rather be building a new product, adding new features ... or doing something else more creative than digging for a root of a memory leak in WinDbg.

After launching LeanSentry 7 months ago, we've been working hard to fix how IT and developers deal with production troubleshooting.

Our vision: to build a system that would automatically catch and troubleshoot most common IIS and ASP.NET issues ... eliminating the need for production debugging entirely.

Today, this vision is getting even closer to being reality. LeanSentry now features automatic diagnostics that can help you solve hangs, memory leaks, and application pool crashes ... without doing any of the debugging yourself.

To learn more about our approach and see the new diagnostics, check out our post on the LeanSentry blog.

Then go straight to our Troubleshoot an IIS hang and Fix an ASP.NET memory leak diagnostic pages to see it in action.


Crack down on 404 errors in your web apps

Crack down on 404 Not Found errors

404 Not Found is the most common error for many production web apps. So, many operations folks just start ignoring them after a while.

Turns out this can actually be very bad, as 404 errors often signal real production problems that CAN and SHOULD be fixed.

Problems like:

  • Broken links to your site that are causing you to lose potential sales.
  • Botched deployment / code changes that prevent your users from using your site correctly.
  • Hacking activity that is wasting significant processing resources on your server.

Read on to learn about the 4 common classes of 404 Not Found errors that you should find and fix.