1. J.C.

    Good read, definitely guilty of ignoring 404s in our apps. What do you recommend for tracking these on a regular basis?

    • @JC, we hear this all the time. Its one of those obvious things everyone ignores.

      You can use LogParser for IIS log analysis, and detailed errors/Failed Request Tracing for more troubleshooting. [shameless plug] Of course LeanSentry will do it for you automatically.


  2. [email protected]

    Do you really have to make promotion for LeanSentry in every of your posts? Is it selling that badly?
    I added the official IIS-Blog to my feeds for some good Information, but it feels like every second post is filled with promotion for that LeanSentry. It’s just annoying, srsly.

  3. Hey Nerved,

    I blog about ways to help people scale and troubleshoot their web apps. I’ve been doing it for years, and we built LeanSentry largely to help everyone else have access to the same troubleshooting and diagnostic techniques.

    The post is about recognizing important 404 errors and how to approach fixing them. You don’t need LeanSentry for this, but I have to mention that LeanSentry helps do it with a lot less work.

    Did you feel the article did not have merit? If so, this is certainly feedback I can take for future posts.


  4. Ron M.

    The point about hacking activity causing application pools to start + ASP.NET apps loading was spot on! We have tens of inactive sites per server and this can create significant ram/cpu load.

    Very informative as usual, thanks!

    • Definitely! Thanks for pointing it out – still working through broken links on the site after moving blogs to WPENGINE. Too bad they do not run LeanSentry 🙂 Both links fixed.

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