AppliedInnovations partnership brings LeanSentry to Windows-based ecommerce sites

Pretty excited this week, AppliedInnovations just announced a partnership to bring LeanSentry diagnostics to its Windows ecommerce customers.

This is a smart move, because lets face it – the worst time for your ecommerce site to go down is when its making most sales.  Unfortunately, thats exactly when all the hidden application bugs and performance problems are most likely to surface.

Most people unwittingly introduce bugs and performance regressions in code changes throughout the year, most of which never surface.  However, they are likely to surface when the site becomes stressed by the holiday traffic.  Which is the last time you want to be dealing with hangs or high CPU.

We are already seeing online retailers embracing LeanSentry diagnostics to help discover/fix application issues before the holiday rush.  We are excited about the Applied Innovations partnership because it helps make LeanSentry available to them quickly so they can get fixing.

Read more about it here:


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