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I dont usually post activist stuff on the blog, but I have to make an exception in this case.

A year ago, I caught a late night showing of Jeff Barrie's Killowatt Ours, a 1 hour long film about the true impact of energy production on our environment, our health, and the extent to which we can help meet our growing energy demands by simply reducing our energy footprint.

Lets just say the film was eye-opening, even given the fact that I've been in the energy field in one way or another for some time. 

Did you know that coal energy plants have contributed to the largest incidence of child astma in history, severe smog pollution in our nations parks, and the mercury poisoning of the majority of state bodies of water?

Did you also know that the state of california, and others have succesfully replaced the need to build new power plants by implementing simple power conservation measures, or the "conversation power plant"? 

The video also shares the simple steps you can take today in your home to slash your power bill by thousands, all the while helping us become energy indepdendent and slow the damage to our environment.

Now, you can watch the entire video with convinent chapter segments at

Killowatt Ours

If you are interested in energy conservation, or havent had the time to read about the facts, this video is all you need. 

Also, be sure to help save Killowatt Ours, which has been helping champion energy consevation in the US, by making a donation. With a 29.95 donation, you get the T-shirt :).





  1. Justhere

    Thanks for posting this valuable link. But I think, it’s not the force of conscience, environmental awareness or sympathy that is going to make people use electricity less. The price has to reflect the real cost of electricity and drinking water (e.g. environmental damage and etc).

  2. MichaelEdits

    Thanks for posting a cool story and a great link. But do you want to know what jumped out at me, what pulled me in, what made me read this? Wondering if “Kilowatt Ours” was deliberate or a typo. Signs I’ve been editing too long…?

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