Blogging again!

After a long pause in writing on this blog, I am excited to be back.

Its been a very crazy time at LeanServer, where we’ve been working on a number of high-scalability projects for the Windows web platform with some big companies including, the orchard, Microsoft, and so on.

However, perhaps the biggest thing that has been consuming my time has been LeanSentry – a new startup we started over a year ago to build the best application monitoring and performance tuning service for Windows server applications. 

Last week, after over 6 months in beta, LeanSentry is live!  We are very excited about it as it represents pretty much everything I’ve been working on and learning in the last 4 years since leaving Microsoft and the IIS team …

The idea behind LeanSentry is simple: an easy to use service that has virtually no impact on your production web app  – and yet answers all the hard questions you have about your web application performance, and helps you keep it running well.

It sounds like an impossible thing to do … but I think we may have done it.  Time will tell.

Stay tuned here and at for more on LeanSentry, how it works, and why we built it.  I will be blogging about a lot of the tech behind LeanSentry, and stuff we learned while building it.  Excited to be back!


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