Sentinel demo at Philly Tech Meetup tonight!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn We are coming to Philly Tech Meetup tonight to present Sentinel, which is one week away from the start of our first public beta! Its been a crazy few weeks getting everything ready for primetime, and we've accomplished a tremendous amount – getting Sentinel into the cloud, automatic installation and update … [Read more…]

Join the beta! Explore, analyze, and instantly diagnose your production ASP.NET applications.

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The Sentinel beta registration is now open! If you are developing, hosting, or maintaining an ASP.NET web application on the Windows Server / IIS 7.0 platform, you’ll definitely want to check it out. The beta will for the first time make available our instant diagnosis features, which help identify the root … [Read more…]

Troubleshooting performance counter problems with PerfMon and a debugger

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Performance counters are a wonderful tool when it comes to quickly assessing system health and performance of Windows subsystems.  In addition to learning much about the operation of Microsoft products, exposing performance counters from your own code can be extremely valuable for the very same reasons.  We do this a lot … [Read more…]

Workaround for using IIS 7 url authorization with ASP.NET roles

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn When using the IIS 7.0 Integrated pipeline, you gain access to a ton of cool scenarios where IIS and ASP.NET features work together to provide value for your application – regardless of the application content. Most of these features involve using ASP.NET features (e.g.Forms Authentication) to provide their services for non-ASP.NET … [Read more…]

When to restart IIS when making changes to your application

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Knowing when to restart IIS to pick up various types of changes to your application has traditionally been a challenge. IIS and ASP.NET are both stateful software systems, which heavily rely on cached state that is loaded once to provide high performance.  They also recognize the downside of being stateful – … [Read more…]

Trace IIS 7.0 Errors Like a Pro with Failed Request Tracing

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn When you are working with the web server, dealing with errors is a fact of life.  They creep in when applications change, when you deploy to a new server, make configuration changes, or add new functionality. The IIS 7.0 philosophy with respect to errors is that an error is better than … [Read more…]

Starting, stopping and recycling IIS 7.0 Web sites and application pools

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn As many of you know, IIS 7.0 provides the ability to start and stop Web sites, and application pools.  However, since previous releases, there has been much confusion as to what exactly happens when you do so. This post should clarify this and provide you with the tools you need to execute … [Read more…]

Check IIS network connectivity with PortCheck v2.0

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Due to demand for the original PortCheck tool, I decided to release the updated version that I myself have been using that has a few more features to help diagnose connectivity issues. [Download PortCheck v2.0] The idea behind PortCheck was simple – help diagnose the common “page cannot be displayed” or … [Read more…]

IIS 7.0 health model published

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The IIS 7.0 health model (Windows speak for known diagnostical and failure conditions experienced by software) has just been pubished on TechNet.  You can get to it here:  Credit goes to the hardworking people on our product support and documentation teams. The health model is primarily a list of event … [Read more…]

Breaking Changes for ASP.NET 2.0 applications running in Integrated mode on IIS 7.0

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn ASP.NET 2.0 applications on IIS 7.0 are hosted using the ASP.NET Integrated mode by default.  This new mode enables a myriad of exciting scenarios including using super-valuable ASP.NET features like Forms Authentication for your entire Web site, and developing new ASP.NET modules to do things like URL rewriting, authorization, logging, and … [Read more…]