Join the beta! Explore, analyze, and instantly diagnose your production ASP.NET applications.

The Sentinel beta registration is now open!

If you are developing, hosting, or maintaining an ASP.NET web application on the Windows Server / IIS 7.0 platform, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

The beta will for the first time make available our instant diagnosis features, which help identify the root cause of top applications problems – like server resource overload, application errors, and slowdowns/hangs.

This is HUGE for most people running production applications, that today have to spend days or even weeks every month chasing down these hard-to-repro problems.

URL latency, ASP.NET exceptions, CPU usage, and hundreds more metrics that you really care about!

With this beta, we are for the first time making Sentinel available as a service, making it possible to start monitoring and diagnosing performance and health problems in your web application in minutes.

Get started in minutes

The beta begins on August 3rd. We cannot support a large number of users yet, so space in the beta is limited.  If you are interested, want to learn more, or want to be notified when we release, get in touch with us at

Get started in minutes and watch your application data in real-time

We are super excited to finally make this a reality.  We think Sentinel is going to revolutionize how IT and application developers work – spending less time tracking down and investigating hard-to-reproduce production problems, and spending more of it building the features and insuring an excellent application experience for their users.



Mike Volodarsky




  1. Mike Volodarsky

    Actually, very little to no impact!

    In fact, it doesn’t even require anything to be installed on each server. Our monitoring service uses standard Windows services to collect all needed data remotely, and then builds additional information from that.

    This collection has virtually no overhead on each server … so you can continually track production applications without being afraid of affecting them 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I like the automatic troubleshooting feature, hopefully this can really help spend less time finding various problems with the server.

  3. Mike Volodarsky

    Definitely. Just eliminating the time wasted hunting down logs, errors, and other data is huge. The automatic diagnosis features are the icing on the cake, letting us instantly apply our tried and tested troubleshooting techniques to people’s applications.

    We are starting out with just a handful of diagnosis cases, and looking to expand them dramatically to cover most common application problems by end of August!


  4. Anonymous

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  5. Anonymous

    I really, really hope I can get in on this beta Mike, this looks amazing and will be a perfect compliment to my other monitoring tool (zabbix)…added you on twitter btw! (wildburrito) 🙂

  6. Mike Volodarsky

    AJ, did you register on We will be sending out some information on the beta shortly.


  7. Mike Volodarsky

    We just sent out our kickoff mail to all the beta participants, and more coming this week – stay tuned!


  8. purplejersey

    We are starting out with just a handful of diagnosis cases, and looking to expand them dramatically to cover most common application problems by end of August!

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