IIS 7.0 Two-Level Authentication with Forms Authentication and Windows Authentication

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn One of the key improvements granted by the ASP.NET integration in IIS 7.0 is a unified authentication model.  Instead of the two-stage model in previous versions of IIS, where IIS executed its own authentication methods before ASP.NET processing began, in Integrated mode IIS and ASP.NET authentication modules participate in a single … [Read more…]

IIS 7.0 Response Modification Framework

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn ————————– For more information, see the Feb 2008 edition of MSDN Magazine: Build Web Server Solutions with End-To-End Extensibility. ————————– What is the response modification framework? It is a fancy term for an IIS 7.0 module that modifies the content returned by a web application on the fly, without the need … [Read more…]

Updated WCAT 6.3 released

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The original release of WCAT 6.3 contained a bug that was causing many users to not be able to use the tool succesfully. The bug resulted in the "NULL controller specified" error. The perf team folks were nice enough to provide a fix for this bug, and re-release the tool.  You can … [Read more…]


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