Updated WCAT 6.3 released

The original release of WCAT 6.3 contained a bug that was causing many users to not be able to use the tool succesfully.

The bug resulted in the "NULL controller specified" error.

The perf team folks were nice enough to provide a fix for this bug, and re-release the tool. 

You can find the updated bits for the tool at the normal WCAT 6.3 download locations:

1) WCAT 6.3 x86

2) WCAT 6.3 x64

You can find my original announcement about the WCAT 6.3 release here. You can find detailed documentation in the download, and also attached to my announcement.

As promised, I'll post some more info about using WCAT just as soon as I get the time soon.

As always, post here or on the other post if you run into any issues. 




  1. Anonymous

    The installation instructions look quite complex. Is there a simple install on a single machine just to try it out?

  2. Anonymous

    I have setup an environment to load test a NLB .NET 2.0 shopping cart. I would like to use a Windows 2000 server as the primary controller. Before I go down this road, am I going to have problems? I know the docs says use Window 2003 as the primary controller, so that you can use DNS and DHCP for the private network.


  3. Anonymous

    Can you be kind enough to post also a way to modify WCAT configuration file for testing a website’s performance?

    Thank you in advance

  4. Anonymous

    I follow the doc to install WCAT 6.3. When I run it I only get “Invalid parameter -t specified”.

    Here is my command, please can you help? Thanks!

    C:Program Fileswcat>wcat.wsf -terminate -run -t scenario.txt -f settings.txt -s pilot.acme.com
    Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.7
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    wcat.wsf – WCAT Utility Script
    Copyright (c) 1995-2007 Microsoft Corporation.

    message: Parsing parameters…
    parameter: terminate
    parameter: run
    parameter: clients = localhost (default)
    parameter: {wcctl.exe command line} = -t scenario.txt -f settings.txt -s pilot.acme.com -clients 1
    message: Terminating all instances of wcclient…
    message: Terminating all local instances of wcctl.exe…
    message: Launching wcclient.exe on all clients…
    message: starting wcclient.exe on localhost with command line of localhostadmin$wcatwcclient.exe AOFRSO604 -b…
    message: executing ‘”C:Program Fileswcatwcctl.exe” -t scenario.txt -f settings.txt -s pilot.acme.com -clients 1’…
    Invalid parameter -t specified.
    message: Run error detected, terminating clients…
    message: Terminating all instances of wcclient…
    message: Terminating all local instances of wcctl.exe…

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