Come build awesome web technology at LeanServer!

We are hiring! Come help us build Sentinel, our expert application analytics and diagnosis service for .NET apps in the cloud – and our other cutting edge web products.

NO RECRUITERS PLEASE.  If you are a recruiter, please don’t contact us.  We are not looking to work with a recruiter for this position at this time.


We are looking for someone who is passionate about building awesome software, takes pride in their work, and gets tons of stuff done.

Do you jump up with excitement when you come up with a great way to solve a problem?
Do you think about code in the shower?
Do you take pride in getting stuff done better and faster than everyone else?
Can you get to our office in Ardmore PA (20 minutes outside Philadelphia)?

Then you might just be our man (or woman).

Here is what you will do on a daily basis:
 – Architect and build great code
– Build tools, improve our infrastructure, and come up with better ways to do stuff
– Propose ideas, whiteboard design, contribute and collaborate closely with others on our small team
– Constantly learn new tricks and strive to become even better, faster, and smarter

Things you’ll need to know: C# / .NET Framework, source control, how to clearly explain your ideas on a whiteboard, how to ask questions and ask for feedback, how to be flexible, how to work independently, and get things done.

Things you’ll work with: Amazon EC2 and Windows Azure cloud, IIS / ASP.NET / MVC, TFS builds, high performance code, async programming, scaling databases, Windows Server, blob storage, data vizualiation, web sockets, debuggers, making cool product demos and videos, command line tools, HTML5, and anything else we need.

Things to know about us: We started in 2008, our clients include MySpace, VEVO, and many of the largest .NET infrastructures on the web, and we build some of the most cutting edge tools for the Microsoft web platform.  We are a completely result-driven tech culture that rewards results, innovation, and constant growth.

Some pics:

Our office!
Our office in Ardmore, PA. That’s right, we really work here!

LeanServer @ NYC
The team, with VEVO in NYC.

(A part of) a whiteboard. We got 5 in the office, use them extensively to design and brainstorm.

As I mentioned in my previous job posts, this is not a 9-5 job.  You’ll have to work really hard, learn really fast, and step outside your comfort zone to get stuff done.  But, you’ll get to build WAY more interesting systems than your typical website, make a huge impact on our small team, and grow as fast and as far as you are willing to go.

If you are just graduating or tired of your boring corporate job, and looking for a fun, really hard, and really rewarding job with unlimited growth potential, get in touch with us at [email protected]!


Mike Volodarsky


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    I am trying to contact Mike, contact form did not work.

    I have been looking through your blog and I think you might have the skills I need to get me through a problem with IIS 7 and classic asp. I will pay handsomely for a solution.

    I am wondering, do you do freelance work?

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