1. Hi everyone,

    Be sure to use the normal ” to specify multiple arguments with spaces – some text editors may convert the ” character to a special angled quote which will not work in cmdline.

    Also be sure to encode the quotes as " inside the azure startup task argument.


  2. Anil

    Hi Mike,
    Tool works perfectly. But recently we moved to OS family 3 (Windows Server 2012) where there is no .net 3.5 (as a default), and the tool can no longer run. Do you mind providing an updated version.
    Thanx so much,

  3. Shawn

    Hi Mike

    We would also like to move to OS Family 3 (Windows Server 2012) but just as Anil noted the tool no longer runs because it requires .Net 3.5 any chance you could prove a .Net 4 or 4.5 version of the app ?



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