Deploy your PHP applications today with the IIS 6 FastCGI Go-Live release!

At last, the IIS FastCGI Go-Live release is here!  This release enables you to begin hosting PHP applications in production on your existing IIS 6.0 servers immediately, and brings multiple fixes and performance improvements over the previously released Technical Preview 2.

Download it here:

There are also several new articles available about installing FastCGI Go-Live and using it to host PHP applications:

This release is not intended for IIS7 running on Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008.  Windows Server 2008 starting with the beta 3 builds automatically includes FastCGI.  You can learn more about this here:

Unfortunately, Windows Vista customers have to wait till Windows Vista SP1 to receive the latest FastCGI builds.  You can of course still download the older Technical Preview 2 release to get started now.

But, that is not all.

IIS.NET now has a section dedicated entirely to PHP on IIS, which you can access simply as  On this page, you can now find all of the related resources, download links, and articles that explain how to install many of the most popular PHP applications.  This list as of today contains applications such as:

  • Advanced Poll
  • b2Evolution
  • Coppermine
  • Crafty Syntax Live Help
  • Gallery2
  • Geeklog
  • Mambo
  • phpMyAdmin
  • WordPress

What's next? 

If you've been following some of my recent posts on PHP and IIS, you know that with IIS7 we are looking beyond just hosting PHP applications with high performance and excellent reliability.  We are also looking to enable you to leverage the power of the IIS7 extensibility and its features to make your applications better.

In playing with PHP apps on IIS7, I feel like only began to scratch the surface of what's possible, with things like the IIS Authentication plugin for the WordPress PHP blogging engine.  In December, you'll be able to read my MSDN article about jazzing up PHP applications on IIS7, that goes into specifics on how you can deliver powerful improvements across both functionality and performance.  I have a feeling it will be a better way to show you what I mean than what I've been able to do in the blog.

Anyway, this is all extremely exciting.  Now, go and download your copy of the Go-Live …


  1. Anonymous

    AFAIK this extension should be able to run FastCGI enabled Perl scripts, however I couldn’t have obtain this. Even simple scripts aren’t working. I keep getting “200” in IIS logs, but neither browser nor lwp-request shows anything. Access rights permit IIS to read & execute scripts from the app directory. Any idea, what can be wrong and what should I check?

  2. Mike Volodarsky


    We havent tested Perl with the FastCGI module, and although it should work theoretically, we have found in the past when looking at each FastCGI-compatible framework that specific implementation issues exist.

    We’d be interested in more details though to see if this is something we can fix on our side – care to post the details on the forums?



  3. Anonymous

    Everybody knows that IIS FastCGI is a great way to run PHP applications on IIS. We’ve been making great strides at delivering a solid production experience for hosting PHP on IIS, for both IIS7 on Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008 and IIS6 / IIS5.1 on

  4. Anonymous

    Right as I was about to go home, one of our developers comes in to tell me some good news about our new IIS7 FastCGI module. So, I figure I would shed some light on our recent work to improve hosting PHP (yes, you read right, PHP) applications on Windows/IIS

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