Dude, Sweet! New Error Page and FREB XSLs looks

IIS just got a lot cooler (looking):

Check out the new styling XSL stylesheet for the FREB xml log files – http://blogs.iis.net/bills/archive/2006/10/19/Making-Failed-Request-Tracing-More-Approachable.aspx.

FREB is a new IIS7 diagnostic feature that automatically collects detailed trace events for failed requests, and saves them as XML log files which can be visualized with the provided stylesheet. Just think of it as easy-to-use ETW tracing. Very useful for diagnosing those hard to find errors. This XSL is much of an improvement over the old one – just check out the collapsible trace event entries!

Also, the new error page look: http://blogs.iis.net/bills/archive/2006/10/19/Improving-Custom-Errors-for-IIS7-Server.aspx

In my words to our Diagnostics PM, Eric Deily, this is da bomb, son!

Can't wait for the build with this stuff in there, it should help reduce my retinal inflamation from looking at the error pages and freb traces all day 🙂

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