LeanServer needs a rockstar .NET Developer in the Philadelphia area

Things have been pretty hectic.  Although I haven't blogged about this much, I've been working on LeanServer, a new company I started last year. 

LeanServer is a technical expert in scalability and performance for very large web sites, with multiple technologies and tools aimed at making these sites scale and significantly reduce operational costs.  This is a direct continuation of my work on the ASP.NET/IIS 7.0 teams over the previous 5 years – taking all the great platform features we built, adding advanced extensibility, and making it solve the real production problems for the biggest sites in the world (and boy, do they have problems). 

Its only been a year, and LeanServer technologies already power multiple leading web sites, and several others are coming online in the next few months.  We have several betas in some of the leading media, social network, and hosting companies for technologies that will soon be available.

As the company already has way more work than we can handle, we are looking for a high powered Jr. .NET Software Developer to help build and roll out our technologies to the market.  We need someone who loves to solve problems and write solid code, and already has a strong experience base (school, personal, work). 

LeanServer is all about superior technical expertise, and doing things right where others just barely get it done or outright fail.  We need someone who thrives on being the expert, doing it the right way, and in general being superior to the common programmer.

This is NOT a web/application developer position, so if your primary experience is in web development, WinForms/WebForms, or databases, this is likely not for you.  We want to see systems, networking, low level web stuff, distributed systems, etc.

Must have skills:

– Expert in C#/.NET Framework (Java, C++ good also)
– Windows/system development
– Windows Server/IIS/ASP.NET experience
– Write clean, clear, and reliable code
– Listen well, learn quick, work with minimal supervision, and deliver results
– Recent grad with at least a BS in Comp Sci/Eng

I am not going to lie – you'll have to be ready to work your butt off
. But, you'll also learn more than you'd probably learn anywhere else, build technologies that put a smile on the collective faces of the biggest companies, and otherwise become a total superstar.  Also, we dont have career ladders (yet) … so you can grow as fast as you can deliver results. 

If you think you are that person, drop us your resume to [email protected]. Please also answer the following questions:

1) List of major development projects you've worked on (school, work, personal), your role, and technologies involved.
2) The project you are most proud of, and why (feel free to get into the details)
3) Why you think you can be a superstar at LeanServer .. please no generic cover-letters.

We've already gotten 90+ resumes, so please try to impress. 




  1. Anonymous

    (and boy, do they have problems)…

    We have these problems. Our client base is growing much faster than our expertise can handle. Can you help my company? I can’t tell you how many consultants we’ve tried who fall far short of being able to handle what we need.

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