is back!

After several weeks of move-related outages, is back online at its new home at MaximumASP.

I am temporarily retiring the old server that sat in my friend's garage for the past 8 months, until I decide to self-host it again in my new apartment.  My friend is moving out of the house, so this was just in time: in the garage

The server ran Windows Server 2008 beta 3 for 5+ months without a single reboot, while the only access I had to it was through the blog's publishing interface.  The box had pretty modest specs – AMD Athlon XP 2600+, 900Mb RAM – so I was pretty happy that it held up for so long without any major issues.

The folks at MaximumASP are frequent readers of the blog and offered to host it while I figure out what the new arragements will be.  The new specs are orders of magnitude better than what I had before, so I am pretty excited to see the improvements in responsiveness.

One of the things that I had wanted to do for a long time was to tune the performance for the blog workload, as there are quite a few knobs you can tweak and techniques to apply to significantly improve the performance of IIS7.  This is also something I want to blog about, to help people get a better idea of doing this on their own servers.  Now that the server is back in my control, this is something you may expect to see relatively soon.


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