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Since inception, LeanServer’s vision has been to unlock the performance potential of the Microsoft web platform for large scale ASP.NET and IIS applications.
We are good at what we do.  Since two years ago, we’ve worked with some of the largest web sites in the world to create efficient application infrastructures that perform well and scale to hundreds of thousands of users.  However, our biggest challenge has been to scale ourselves – and to be able to make an impact with more people who want to build efficient web applications.
Our plan – to package our approaches into tools that others can use to solve the big problems.
I blogged about this a year ago in Tools for a leaner web.  Since then, we’ve built a number of tools that our clients use today to scale ASP.NET applications, monitor production performance, and perform efficient load testing.

Today, we are launching the new

One of the main features on our new site is the LeanServer Lab.  Through the Lab, we are making available all of the tools and frameworks that we have built for our clients, with many more scheduled to come this year.  

Our partners get access to all of our tools, and participate in beta testing of any new technologies we are building.  This way, they benefit from these technologies early and we benefit from the real-world feedback that is critical in shaping our tools.

Are you running an enterprise application on the Microsoft platform? We’d love to partner with you to help your web infrastructure be the best it can be.  Let us know what you are doing, and how our technology can help.


Mike Volodarsky


  1. alinla

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  3. Anonymous

    I have heard about the Advanced Design Methods and the lean server tools. They are simply amazing. Looking forward for more tools to get added.

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