The next step

It's been one week since I left Microsoft, and what a week its been! I dont remember the last time I was on so little sleep 🙂 I'll be making some changes to and posting more info about the new stuff shortly.

I have to say though that my focus is still almost completely on IIS 7.0 and related Windows Server 2008 tech.  In the past week, I've been doing more learning and writing code than I have in a long time, which has been extremely exciting.  I've been working on and talking about the extensibility architecture of IIS 7.0 for such a long time, that using it to solve real problems becomes a very rewarding experience.  Interestingly, while the web server provides a lot of new features out of the box, the potential offered by its customization and extensibility is even greater.

In the meantime, I wanted to post about a topic I have to deal with all the time (and likely so do you): Connecting to IIS 7.0 configuration remotely using Microsoft.Web.Administration or several other configuration management APIs.  Check it out, and grab the tools that I use to make doing this easier.





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