The PHP / FastCGI Technical Preview is Live!

After several weeks of silence on this topic, and lots of hard work, we just released the FastCGI Techical Preview for IIS 5.x / IIS 6 / IIS7!

This preview provides a new FastCGI component for IIS aimed at hosting PHP applications with much improved performance over the CGI mode and stability unlike the ISAPI mode. To understand the issues we are trying to solve, check out my first post about this.

Read more about it and download it here.

Now, this announcement also coincides with Zend's (the creator of PHP) announcement of the collaboration we have been engaged in for a while, to produce a high-performance PHP distribution for Windows. Historically PHP core has had poor performance on Windows, so we set out to fix that problem too.

Read more and down the the Zend Core For Windows technical preview here.

I am much too tired now to post much else, but look forward to more inside information on this project and helpful tips very soon. Also check out the coverage on Bill's blog.

Now, go get the good stuff and try it out! Let me know how it works out for you.


  1. Anonymous

    Ever since the original release of FastCGI Tech Preview 1 , and the Microsoft/Zend collaboration announcement

  2. Anonymous

    Right as I was about to go home, one of our developers comes in to tell me some good news about our new IIS7 FastCGI module. So, I figure I would shed some light on our recent work to improve hosting PHP (yes, you read right, PHP) applications on Windows/IIS

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