The self-hosted journey is finally coming to an end

After several months with GoDaddy's QuickBlog, I am finally moving over to a self-hosted IIS7 server running Community Server.

Today marks the final milestone of the move – switching the GoDaddy's nameservers for to point to the dynamic DNS nameservers of  Here is the new setup:

  1. Windows "Longhorn" Server running the IDX 1 build (coming soon to a theater near you)
  2. IIS7 (of course!)
  3. Community Server 2.1 "community edition" powered by SQL Server Express
  4. All old posts and comments moved to the new blog (you will notice an additional "Posted on <date/time>" note on each old comment I moved over).
  5. All old QuickBlog post and syndication urls permanently redirected to the corresponding CS urls.

Let me know if you have a old link or RSS reader subscription that is now broken, and I will make sure the redirection rules are updated.

Now that I have complete control of the web server, I can finally do what I had wanted to do all along – be able to demo cool IIS7 technology and modules on the same website where I write about them.  Now that the move is out of the way, I wont have any excuses 🙂

Update 12/21/2006 2:30 PM:
The DNS switch should be complete, and both and
should begin resolving over the next few hours.  ZoneEdit's nameservers
are recovering from a DoS attack so they may be a bit flaky.  If you continue experiencing
problems hitting the site, I would appreciate a quick note.


  1. Anonymous

    Is it difficult to make community server work as a blog only? I am looking for fast dot net blogging software and the full version of Community server is quite slow on my old box. Perhaps I need to play with the caching?

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