1. Hi Mike, I have been reading your posts for a while now. Grate by the way, very instructive.

    We have a limited IT staff at Refinancia and one clear issue is that we don’t have anyone skilled at IIS. We basically have developers, and some windows server support, and DBA.

    We have been trying to tackle down issues with our PHP/IIS application. Most errors are just bad SQL statements and BAD PHP code, which will take months or years to fix 🙁

    We were relying entirely on logs left by the application in the DB. This offered us lot of insight and helped us identify lot of errors. Although we have done a lot of work we are still faced with lots of tickets where users complaining about http 500 errors.

    I suggested that we start testing LeanSentry so that we can better monitor the IIS servers. Although we have been only using the “demo” version for a couple of days we now see a LOT MORE.

    What’s very alarming is that now we see 1000’s of 500 errors not just what users where reporting.

    Unfortunately seeing the errors and the LeanSentry diagnosis are still far from helping us understand what is causing them. I’m not sure if purchasing the standard, or professional will help, as we still lack a lot skills. I have also posted on iis.net forums (http://forums.iis.net/post/2103864.aspx) asking for advice with no replies.

    Now no where else to ask I thought of asking you directly for advice. I don’t know LeanSentry with the other vesions will help us diagnose the issue (although we are planning on the standard version), or maybe how your company can better accompany us helping us find and fix issues with our deployment.

    If you wish to talk my mobile number is +57(316)577-5919.


    Juan Uribe
    CTO Refinancia

  2. Kary Lemonde

    I was looking back on your article from way back on two level IIS auth (mixing forms and windows). Did you ever post your code somewhere else, the links are now broken…



    I’m working on an ASP.NET MVC5 project and client wants to support AD users from their internal network to get a SSO type capability if they are already logged into the domain..your example is EXACTLY what i need, but i don’t see anywhere to grab your source code? Thoughts?

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