You can actually download the hotlinking blocker module now

Apparently, my previous post of the LeechGuard hot-linking prevention module ended up with broken download and image links.  No-one could download the module, and on my home network I could see it just fine. 

The funniest thing is that I found out about this from an internal email forward that referenced this module, and stated that it was not downloadable due to broken links.  My first reaction was, "what? that's bullsh*t" – but it turned out they were right.

So, I fixed the links, and you can browse the article and download the LeechGuard module for your IIS6 or IIS7 server now.  Be sure to check it out!


  1. Anonymous

    Hehe. I've done that with images. Works great when you point to a local directory path only you have, but doesn't work on the internet. 🙂 Thanks for providing this!

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