Deploy your PHP applications today with the IIS 6 FastCGI Go-Live release!

At last, the IIS FastCGI Go-Live release is here!  This release enables you to begin hosting PHP applications in production on your existing IIS 6.0 servers immediately, and brings multiple fixes and performance improvements over the previously released Technical Preview 2. Download it here: There are also several new articles available about installing FastCGI … [Read more…] is back!

After several weeks of move-related outages, is back online at its new home at MaximumASP. I am temporarily retiring the old server that sat in my friend's garage for the past 8 months, until I decide to self-host it again in my new apartment.  My friend is moving out of the house, so this … [Read more…]

Temporary outages

You may have noticed being unavailable at certain points over the past two days.  I am in the process of moving the server across the country, and that combined with certain other toubles with the internet setup is contributing to spotty availability. Next week the server will find its new permanent home so it … [Read more…]