Creating IIS7 sites, applications, and virtual directories

In the course of IIS7 development, the team and I have answered an infinity of questions about IIS7 on any possible topic imaginable.Ironically, neither I nor anyone else I know on the team has ever answered the most basic question – what is the minimum set of steps necessary to get a website running with … [Read more…]

At last, Visual Studio patch for F5 debugging on Windows Vista has been released

A Visual Studio patch that fixes the Visual Studio F5 debugging of IIS7 applications on Windows Vista Home Premium and above has been released!  This patch solves the “An authentication error occurred while communicating with the web server.  Please see Help for assistance.”, and “Debugging failed because integrated Windows authentication is not enabled.  Please see … [Read more…]

Do complex IIS management tasks easily with AppCmd command piping

As much as I hate to re-post someone else’s content, I’ve been real busy in the past few weeks and havent had a chance to post new stuff – and today I saw Kanwal’s post on a very near and dear subject of mine: AppCmd command pipelining. Things you can do by piping appcmd commands … [Read more…]

The latest on the FastCGI project and PHP support on IIS

Ever since the original release of FastCGI Tech Preview 1, and the Microsoft/Zend collaboration announcement to bring production-quality PHP to IIS, the FastCGI project has been steadily gaining momentum in the community.   With the release of Longhorn Server Beta 3, a number of hosters are beginning to offer FastCGI-powered PHP support on top of their … [Read more…]

Redirect requests to your application with the HttpRedirection module

Download: The HttpRedirection module allows you to configure regular expression-based rules that redirect clients from url A to url B using http redirection. When clients make a request to your server, and the url matches one of the redirection rules you have configured, the server will respond with a redirection response, telling the client to … [Read more…]

Redirect clients in your application with HttpRedirection module

Download: In a web application, it’s often necessary to redirect clients requesting one url to another url.  Here are some reasons why your application may need to do it: ·         A part of your site should only be accessed over HTTPS to protect private data, so you want to redirect requests made over HTTP to … [Read more…]

Troubleshooting IIS7 503 "Service unavailable" errors with startup debugging

In a previous post titled Where did my IIS7 server go? Troubleshooting “service unavailable” errors, I covered the basic steps for dealing with cases where the IIS7 web server fails to process the request.  This error mostly occurs whenever HTTP.SYS, the kernel HTTP driver that manages http connections for IIS, fails to create an IIS worker … [Read more…]

Longhorn Server Beta 3 is out of the door!

You may have noticed a lapse in activity on my blog – for the past month or two, I’ve been completely heads down in the last SB3 bugs, security analysis, and final rounds of DCR planning for IIS7.  We are getting closer and closer to RTM, and I am excited to see the feedback for all the … [Read more…]

Most Important AppCmd Commands: Backing up and restoring IIS7 configuration

Welcome to the first post of the “Most Important AppCmd Commands” series.  Have you ever made some changes to a system’s state, and then after everything suddenly stopped working, wondered how the hell you are going to get back to a working state?  Well, this post is all about doing just that when you are … [Read more…]

Most Important AppCmd Commands

Usually, a day doesnt go by that I dont get a collegue or a partner team in Microsoft asking how to do something or other about AppCmd.exe, the unified command line management tool for the IIS7 server.  Since its inception in the fall of 2005, the tool has been becoming increasingly popular internally – IIS7 … [Read more…]